42 Elegant Scandinavian Flavor Dining Room Ideas

13 Elegant Scandinavian Flavor Dining Room Ideas

A modern Scandinavian interior design has an interesting look as it combines the old and the new trends. It would even use distressed furniture which is commonly used for a shabby chic interior. One would get the impression of charm and comfort upon seeing a Scandinavian interior. Most of the time, it would reflect one’s passion and love reflected on the items and elements in the house making it homey and captivating. It might even appear eclectic because of the mix of materials and decorations.

For an interior like this, the color palette used are white, soft dove gray, off white and some soothing tones from nature. But you will also see that some items in it would bring it pops of color from accents to decorations. Using white make the spaces appear more spacious creating a relaxing ambiance. On the white walls, artworks are being placed. Sometimes, a patterned wall will also be added as accent to these white walls. Flooring is usually wooden and would sometimes have carpets or area rugs to add a softer touch to the interior. We have gathered some dining areas with a Scandinavian look. Scroll down and get a glimpse of these charming spaces.

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