100+ Extraordinary and Unique Rustic Stairs Ideas

113 Extraordinary and Unique Rustic Stairs Ideas result

Stairs are necessary to connect spaces, in houses that have more than one level; therefore they are a fundamental part in construction. If you like rustic style, similar to that of a cabin then here you will find five good ideas of rustic stair railing design. Key to having this kind of stairs is to use right material, which can be wood, iron, or even ceramic. Take note of these ideas and try to apply them at home. Having a staircase with rustic style inside room, does not mean that rest of decoration should be same, you can combine with other elements a little more modern.

A beautiful staircase can be the star of any home. But it would help to think outside the box and to come up with an ingenious idea for its design. For example, focus on the staircase railing, try using an unusual material or replacing the typical design with something different, maybe re purpose some things. Here are a few ideas you might enjoy.

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