55 Green Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

54 Green Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to the front yard, a manicured lawn isn’t the only way to go. In fact, grass may be your least interesting option, says renowned Los Angeles landscape designer Scott Shrader. “They’ve been out of fashion for 25 years, in my opinion,” he says. “The fertilizer, the water, the mowing—all that energy goes into a green patch that isn’t really doing much aesthetically.” Instead, Shrader sees front yard landscaping as a chance to set a distinct tone for your property: “Your house doesn’t start at front door—it starts at the street.” Here are some of the most stunning, creative, and (bonus!) low-maintenance ideas from his recent projects.

While we would all like a bold and beautiful front yard bursting with Peruvian lilies and peonies, sometimes we have to start a bit smaller and work our way up. But you don’t have to settle for mediocrity when landscaping your front yard. There are plenty of ways to create a stunning display, even if you’re working with a tight space, and budget.


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